Summer Increases Risk of Injury in Montgomery and Elsewhere

Summer has officially begun, and the upcoming months create a higher risk of unintentional injury in Montgomery and elsewhere throughout the United States.

For the month of June, the National Safety Council is celebrating National Safety Month in an attempt to raise awareness of these preventable injuries and deaths.Our Alabama personal injury attorneys understand that everyone looks forward to summer as school lets out, families enjoy summer vacations and others just relax by the pool to soak up some sun. We also understand that the recognition of this awareness month is extremely important as people have a tendency to throw all safe behaviors to the wind.

The National Safety Council has chosen to focus on the top five causes for these unintentional injuries and deaths throughout the month. The schedule is as follows:

Summertime Safety, June 1 to 4 – Since many residents spend the summer poolside, many of the injuries are related to pools and spas.

Preventing Overexertion, June 5 to 11 – Overexertion has been ranked as the third leading cause of these unintentional injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms every year. The most common types of these injuries are strains and sprains, specifically to the lower back.

Teen Driving Safety, June 12 to 18 – Promoting safe teen driving is crucial in keeping our roadways safe during this time of year as more and more students hit the road. It is reported that every year roughly 5,500 people are killed in motor-vehicle accident that involve a teen driver.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls, June 19 to 25 – Falls are among the nation’s top causes unintentional injuries. Adults 55 and older are more likely to be the victim of falls.

On the Road, Off the Phone, June 26 to 30 – Motor-vehicle accidents continue to be the nation’s number one cause of unintentional deaths. This is true of all age groups. One of the leading contributors to these accidents is distracted driving. According to the NSC, 23 percent of all motor-vehicle accidents involved a driver using a cell phone.

The NSC designated a whole month to these incidents because unintentional injuries and deaths in the United States have reached an inexcusable level. There were about 128,000 unintentional deaths in the U.S. in 2009. This 2009 estimate is the highest on record and is nearly 50 percent higher than reports from 1992. That year recorded the lowest annual total since 1924. The cost of these unintentional injuries exceeded $693 billion nationally, or about $5,900 per household.

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