Sleepiness Causing Car Accidents in Montgomery

Drivers know the dangers of drinking and driving, but does anyone know the real dangers associated with driving while sleepy? The answer is no. Most people overlook the dangers that are associated with drowsy driving.

According to a recent study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, there’s virtually no difference between driving drunk and driving while sleepy, both have alarmingly high risks for car accidents in Montgomery and elsewhere.The recent study examined the accidents of nearly 700 people who were hospitalized between 2007 and 2009. The findings illustrate that drunk driving and drowsy driving were equally dangerous.

Researchers concluded that both young drivers and male drivers were the ones who were most likely to drive while sleepy. But everyone else isn’t off the hook. Drivers of all ages are hopping behind the wheel without enough sleep and the safety of motorists nationwide is at risk because of it.

Our Montgomery car accident lawyers understand that residents are spending more time on the roadways during this time of the year. It’s the summer travel season and it’s dangerous out there. More and more motorists are hitting the streets and setting out on their summer vacations. With a higher volume of traffic, risks for accidents increase. When you throw drowsy drivers into the mix, the risks are even higher. Every year, thousands are killed in these kinds of accidents. And officials believe there are more accidents that result from drowsy driving than are actually reported. The problem is that it’s difficult to determine if a driver was drowsy during an accident as there’s no way to test for it, like a breathalyzer tests whether or not a driver was drunk.

“Anytime you’re feeling sleepy behind the wheel is a danger sign,” said Christopher Drake, with the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders and Research Center.

A number of studies have determined that just four hours of sleep loss is the same as if a driver was to drink an entire six pack. If a driver loses a whole night of sleep, that’s equivalent to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.19.

Drivers are warned! Be safe and stay awake behind the wheel. Make sure that you get plenty of sleep before heading out. If you start to feel sleepy behind the wheel, it’s very important for you to stop driving. You’re recommended to either switch drivers with an alert passenger or to pull over and take a rest. You never want to power through your tiredness behind the wheel. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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