New Course Helps Elderly Drivers Reduce Risks of Alabama Car Accidents

Drivers are getting older. That’s a fact. According to the American Automobile Association, 25 percent of drivers on U.S. roadways will be over the age of 64 within the next 10 years. AAA offers these elderly drivers tips to safely navigate the roads and help to reduce the risk of a potentially fatal car accident in Montgomery and elsewhere.

According to Jon Bridges, the event coordinator at Asbury United Methodist Church, AAA classes are now being taught at her location and are available to the public. Defensive driving classes are offered every other month in the church’s spare rooms. Drivers of all ages are encouraged to join in the classes, even though this course targets older drivers.”We’re available to the community, and we like to be part of the community,” Bridges said.

Our Montgomery car accident attorneys believe it’s important to take advantage of all the available safety precautions to keep our roadways safe, including participating in safe driving courses. Taking the time to brush up on your driving skills can be truly beneficial. Elderly drivers may also find the class useful in helping them to stay up-to-date with road laws and new car technologies.

The baby boomer generation is a huge group of people, and they make up a large chunk of our drivers. The safer this population can be behind the wheel, the safer the rest of us can be, too. It’s a joint effort.

According to ABC31, elderly drivers are encouraged to check out the Safe Driving for Mature Operators driving course. In Alabama, car insurance companies offer safe-driving discounts to drivers over the age of 54 that have completed the class. It’s that simple. Finish the class and show the completion certificate to your insurance agent to discuss lower policies.

Bridges says that as soon as he reaches 55, you better believe he’ll be in the class so that he can not only be a safer driver on our roadways, but so that he can save some money on his insurance policy, too.

Clay Ingram, AAA spokesperson in Alabama, says the class certification and discount is good for three years. It can vary from company to company, but drivers will see an average of a 5 to 10 percent discount for each of those three years.

According to the AAA Roadwise Review, elderly drivers are able to focus on driving techniques they need to improve by taking an online quiz. Seniors can also use CarFit to make sure elderly drivers are fitting properly and comfortably into their vehicle.

The next class will be held in March at the Asbury United Methodist Church.

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