Montgomery Injury Attorneys Wish You a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is upon us, and before you start thinking about the scary ghosts, goblins and witches, you might want to think about the risks for pedestrian accidents and other Halloween dangers involving children.Did you know that children are about four times more likely to be killed in a pedestrian accident on Halloween than during any other night of the year? They’re also at severe risks for burn injuries and fall accidents during this time, too.

To help you to stay safe during this All Hallow’s Eve, our Montgomery personal injury attorneys are here with the Alabama Department of Public Health to bring you some simple safety tips that can help your family avoid Halloween injuries.

Safety Tips for Costumes:

-Don’t wear masks. Opt for face paint so that your visibility is not hindered.

-Make sure that all young children are accompanied by an adult.

-Make sure that you have a cell phone with you at all times in case you run into a problem.

-Look for costumes that are flame resistant.

-Dress in shoes that are easy to walk in. Sneakers are your best bet.

-Don’t allow costumes to have loose ends. These serve as both fall hazards and as fire hazards.

Pedestrian Safety Tips:

-Choose a route before you head out. Pick one that’s well lit and has safe crossings.

-Always cross the road at a crosswalk or at a street corner.

-Use sidewalks whenever they’re available.

-Make sure you’re wearing a bright-colored costume, carrying a flashlight or wearing reflective materials to make sure passing motorists can see you.

-Never dash out from behind a parked car.

-Look both ways before crossing the street. You also want to walk across the street — never run.

-Never walk across someone’s yard. There may be strands of lights or other tripping hazards.

-Stay away from animals that you do not know.

-Never allow young children to cross the road alone.

-Never go into someone’s house who you don’t know.

-Walk, don’t run!

Treat Safety Tips:

-Let parents inspect candy before eating. They can help to make sure that there are only treats and no tricks!

-Discard all items that are not wrapped or have been tampered with.

-Get rid of small items or toys that can serve as a choking hazard.

Drivers are asked to be extra careful during this time of the year, especially in residential areas where kids are likely to be found. Avoid driving on Halloween night if you can. If you’re heading somewhere to drop off kids, make sure you keep the passenger side of the car away from passing traffic when making the stop. Make sure you drive slowly and keep an eye on your surroundings. Beware of little ghosts and goblins in the area. Have a safe and Happy Halloween and keep safety as a number one priority out there.

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