Alabama Traffic Safety: Make Safe Driving Your 2013 Holiday Resolution

On the last day of 2012 before the New Year dawned, took a look at some resolutions from some big names throughout the state. Resolutions from Tuscaloosa officials and business owners, as well as from UA Athletes, included things like being on time, working harder and eating healthier. One thing noticeably absent from the list, however, was a resolution to be a better, safer driver in 2013.

Each year, millions of people throughout Alabama and the United States make downright bad driving decisions. These decisions put the drivers, their passengers and every innocent person on the road in danger. Our Montgomery accident attorneys want 2013 to be the year when people become safer drivers by doing more to avoid preventable accidents. To that end, we urge everyone to make smarter, safer driving choices and to make a resolution to avoid some of the most dangerous driving behaviors.Resolve to Avoid These Dangerous Driving Behaviors in 2013.
If you are ready to make a commitment to becoming a safer driver in 2013, here are a few things that should be a part of your New Years 2013 resolution:

  • Resolve not to speed. Going over the speed limit was the cause of 2,666 Alabama traffic crashes in 2010 according to Alabama Traffic Crash Facts.
  • Resolve to slow down — even BELOW the speed limit if you have to in order to be safe for the current road conditions. In 2010, there were 4,836 Alabama crashes caused by a driver going too fast for conditions. This is even more crashes than caused by going over the posted speed limit.
  • Resolve not to text and drive or to drive distracted. says that a person who texts and drives is 23 times more likely to crash than someone not distracted.
  • Resolve never to drink and drive and never to let a friend drive drink. Alabama Traffic Crash Facts show 4,784 accidents in 2010 attributed to a driver being under the influence.
  • Resolve to obey safety laws at intersections and to yield when it isn’t your turn. 15.2 percent of all Alabama crashes in 2010 were caused by a failure to yield, according to Alabama Crash Facts. This means 19,508 accidents listed a failure to yield as a primary accident cause.
  • Resolve to exercise extra care with night driving. According to Alabama Traffic Crash Facts for 2010, 49.4 percent of fatal crashes occurred at night.
  • Resolve to be on the lookout for bikes and pedestrians at all times. In 2010, seven people died and 169 were injured in bike accidents. Young kids tend to be at the greatest risk when it comes to bike and pedestrian crashes with Alabama Traffic Crash Facts reporting that kids 15 and under were the victims in 27 percent of bike crashes causing injury.
  • Resolve not to tailgate or follow too closely behind others. Alabama Traffic Crash Facts show that 17,268 crashes in 2010 were caused by tailgating. That’s 76 percent of accidents.
  • Resolve to wear your seat belt all the time, every time. Alabama Traffic Crash Facts reported that the chances of being killed in the front seat was 46.4 times higher for people not wearing a seat belt when involved in a car crash.

If you stick to all of the items on this list, you can make sure you are never a menace on the roads.

Of course, accidents can still happen if other people fail in their obligations. This is why you should spread the word about your safe driving resolution to all of your friends and family members and encourage them to make 2013 the year they resolve to be a safer driver. If you spot someone engaged in dangerous driving behavior, be sure to steer clear… and if you are hurt in an accident due to a bad choice that another driver makes, be sure to take legal action to hold that bad driver accountable.

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