Loose Trailer Involved in Fatal Car Accident in Lauderdale County

A recent car accident in Alabama killed a man after his vehicle was hit by a trailer that broke loose from a utility vehicle. After being struck by the trailer, his vehicle was thrown off the road and into Cypress Creek, according to Times Daily.

The accident happened on Alabama 20 just after 4:00 p.m. The creek was between 12 and 15 feet deep.Andy High, the Lauderdale County Coroner, pronounced the 70-year-old passenger dead at the scene of the accident. The SUV that flew into the creek was driven by the man’s son who was 34-years-old from Florence. The two were on their way to visit their mother/grandmother in the hospital; she was recovering from surgery.

Our Montgomery accident lawyers understand that the impact from the loose tractor-trailer was so powerful that it sent the SUV across lanes of oncoming traffic and then into the creek. Witnesses reported that the SUV sank into the water quickly.

According to accident reports, Sgt. Chris Ticer and officer Troy Gruley from the Florence Police Department both dove into the water after the 70-year-old man. Both were unable to rescue him. Members of the Florence Fire and Rescue Team and the Florence Police Dive Team also dove in after the victim, but had no luck.

The trailer was reportedly being pulled by a Toyota T-100. The driver of that truck was not injured.

The Florence Police Department’s Crash Reduction Unit is investigating the accident.

The 70-year-old man is the 52nd individual to die in a car accident in the southern Tennessee counties of Lawrence and Wayne and in Northwest Alabama this year. This was also the second fatal accident experienced in this region during the month of October.

What to do if your vehicle goes into the water:

-Remove your seat belt once you’ve hit the water. Crashing into water is much like crashing into a brick wall, so it’s important that you always wear your seat belt when driving. Don’t unbuckle your seat belt before you’ve opened your window.

-Your car will not sink immediately once you hit the water. You’ll typically have a minute or two. The first thing you need to do is open a window. If the water has already reached your window, wait for the water level to rise above the window so that pressure is stabilized. That way it’ll be easier to open your window.

-If you can’t roll down your window, break it open. Electric windows should work for a few minutes after hitting the water.

-Back-door windows don’t always roll all the way down, so remember your back-seat passengers. They may have to climb up to the front seat to escape with you.

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