Lee County Trucking Accident Closes Interstate 85, Shows Danger of These Vehicles

A recent tractor-trailer accident in Lee County caused Interstate 85 to temporarily close, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation. Two southbound lanes and one northbound lane was closed when the tractor-trailer crashed in a work zone. It happened near mile marker 49.5.Troopers were forced to reroute traffic through Wire Road. Officials are asking motorists to be careful when driving through that area, according to Alabama Live. Construction zones have reduced speed limits for a reason. Speedy traffic is not safe through these areas and can cause serious accidents. It’s also important to curb all distractions. Work zones require a driver’s full attention to avoid an accident.

Our Montgomery truck accident attorneys recently discussed the dangers that motorists are facing on our roadways with the holiday traffic and with daylight saving time. Drivers are asked to be extremely cautious and to drive defensively throughout the remainder of the year. Typically, we see more fatal accidents during the last quarter of the year than during any other time. Many of these accidents can be avoided if drivers can change their driving skills to accommodate traffic and environment conditions.

Trucking accidents are some of the most dangerous traffic accidents on our roadways. These vehicles possess so much weight and power that they can destroy a passenger car in mere seconds. Drivers are asked to be careful when driving near semis. It’s important to always be able to see the driver of the truck and to never linger on the roadway near it. Allow these trucks with plenty of room and to steer clear of their danger zones.

According to Alabama’s 2008 traffic statistics:

-There were nearly 900 fatal traffic accidents that took the lives of more than 960 people.

-There was a traffic accident reported every 255 seconds.

-Someone was injured in a traffic accident every 15 minutes.

-Someone died in an accident every 9 hours.

A car accident can happened anywhere at any time. More than 70 percent of car accidents happen in the state’s urban areas, which more than 65 percent of traffic-related fatalities happen in rural areas. Nearly 80 percent of all fatal accidents happen within a 25 mile radius of the victim’s home. Nearly 50 percent of these accidents occur at night.

In Alabama, more than 70 percent of accidents involve one vehicle hitting another. When a truck is involved in these accidents, the results can be deadly. You’re urged to drive cautiously around semis and tractor-trailers.

The top causes of car accidents in Alabama are:

-Failure to yield the right of way.

-Driver not in control.

-Misjudging stopping distance.


As the holiday season approaches, we can expect more vehicles on our roadways. During this time, traffic accidents increase significantly. The good news though is that they’re preventable with responsible driving decisions and cautious navigation. Enjoy your holiday season, but do so safely.

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