Injury Attorneys Urge Participation in Passenger Safety Week

Over a third of the children who were killed in passenger vehicle accidents in the U.S. in 2011 weren’t wearing proper seat belts or weren’t placed in the proper child car seats, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To help to put an end to these types of tragedies, officials with the NHTSA are pushing Child Passenger Safety Week.””Parents and caregivers can be the first line of defense by ensuring their children are correctly secured in the right seat for their size and age, and by buckling up themselves,” said Anthony Foxx, USDOT Secretary.

Our Montgomery child injury attorneys understand that motor vehicle accidents continue to be the number one cause of death for children across the country. In 2011, there were 2 children under the age of 13 and close to 350 additional kids were injured each and every day while riding in passenger vehicles. Regardless of what kind of car you have, or how safe you believe it to be, children should always be properly seated in a child car seat, booster seat or seat belt — depending on their age and size. When this equipment is used properly — lives are saved.

From 1975 to 2011, officials with the NHTSA calculate that about 10,000 young lives were saved because of the proper use of child restraints (for children under the age of 5. They believe that close to 300 were saved in 2011 alone).

The NHTSA offers parents and caregivers these safety tips:

-Make sure that you child is placed in the proper safety seat by size and age. Find a car seat that fits your child. As children grow, how they sit in your car will change. Make sure the car seat you purchase is designed to fit your child’s current size and age.

-Always read the instructions and recommendations of the child’s seat before using.

-Read the vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific instructions regarding the installation of these child seats.

-To be safe, stop by a Child Car Seat Inspection Station to make sure yours is properly installed. (This service is oftentimes free.)

-Register your child’s car seat at so that you can get the latest information regarding safety recalls and other relevant information regarding your child’s safety seat.

-Never place a rear-facing infant seat in front of a passenger air bag.

-Make sure that you’re always setting a safe example. Always wear your seat belt, too.

Children don’t wear adult clothing because adult clothing doesn’t fit properly – and neither do adult seat belts. Children need extra occupant protection specially designed for their size and age to provide the best safety in a vehicle. Check in on your child’s seat today and make sure it’s working for them. Help to protect some of our most vulnerable travelers.

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