Fatal Alabama Work Accidents in 2011 a Reminder of Risks

The government reports more than 4,600 people were killed on the job last year — or about 13 people a day. Hundreds of thousands of others are seriously injured, sometimes disabled, as a result of an accident on the job.

Our Montgomery work accident attorneys note the risks are expected to increase with economic recovery. Though in the Bureau of Labor Statistics report just released, fatal work accident statistics for 2011 show Alabama saw decline, from 92 in 2010 to 74 last year.Nationwide, there were 4,609 people who died on the job last year — compared to 4,690 in 2010. However, the government expects to add about 150 to the total as final cases are reported, making any change a statistical wash.

Fatal Alabama Work Accidents

Transportation Accidents: 36
Contact Object/Equip.: 17
Falls: 10
Violence: 6
Exposure: 4
Fire: 1
Safety advocates, including the Occupational Safety & Health Administration continue to push safety programs aimed at addressing three core risk areas: Transportation accidents, falls, and workplace violence.

“On average, 13 workers lose their lives each and every day, and that loss ripples throughout their communities — Children, parents, brothers, sisters and neighbors all bear an enormous burden when a loved one dies on the job,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “We know how to prevent these fatalities, and all employers must take the steps necessary to keep their workers safe.”

Nationwide, violence in the workplace now accounts for more deaths at work than any other type of accident except transportation accidents. A total of 780 people were killed in acts of workplace violence. In many cases, negligent security may be to blame.

Transportation accidents — and particularly distracted driving — continue to be a focus. The federal government now forbids all federal employees from using cell phones behind the wheel. And organizations like the National Safety Council continue to push employers to adopt distracted driving policies. Those that don’t are opening themselves up to liability in the event of an accident. Employees who are involved in an accident on the job should always consult an experienced attorney about the best course of action.

The number of construction accidents in Alabama and elsewhere has declined throughout the economic downturn. The U.S. Department of Labor reports 721 deaths in construction accidents last year, compared to 774 in 2010. However, that trend is also likely to reverse as the housing market recovers. The Los Angeles Times is reporting the housing market is recovering faster than many economists anticipated.

OSHA also continues to be concerned about the large number of construction accidents among Latino workers. While the overall number of workplace fatalities has declined by about 20 percent in the last decade, the number of fatalities among Hispanics has increased 35 percent. This is particularly true among those in the construction industry.

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