Birmingham Car Accidents: Teen Girls More Prone to Distraction

Teenage girls are twice as likely as teenage boy drivers to use cell phones, text messaging devices and operate other electronic devices behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, according to a recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study.

The study looked at the driving habits of 50 families in North Carolina and examined the likelihood of teen drivers to engage in distractions, according to US NEWS. Although electronic devices were the most common distraction noted by researchers, all distractions significantly contributed to the heightened risks of a car accident in Alabama and elsewhere.Our Alabama car accident lawyers understand that this new study is really beneficial in looking at which teens are engaging in distractions behind the wheel. We must continue to examine these accidents as traffic collisions continue to be the number one cause of death for teenagers in the country. Parents can help to enforce household rules to help keep these young drivers’ eyes on the road. Make sure to have strict and clear rules regulating your teen driver’s behavior behind the wheel. Enforce these rules and stick to the consequences for breaking these rules!

The use of electronic devices is, to no surprise, the number one cause of distraction among these young drivers. These kinds of distractions were found in about 7 percent of all of the video clips. These young drivers were also likely to groom themselves, drink, eat and adjust controls behind the wheel.

The study also concluded that older teen drivers were more likely to engage in distractions behind the wheel than younger teen drivers. Researchers believe that as teen drivers get more and more familiar and comfortable at the wheel, they are more likely to engage in dangerous driving behaviors.

AAA Findings:

-Teen girl drivers are twice as likely as male teen drivers to use an electronic device, like a cell phone or text messaging device while driving.

-Teen girls are much more likely to engage in various distracting behaviors behind the wheel.

-Teen girls are way more likely than teen boys to reach around for an object in the back of the car.

-Teen girls are about 25 percent more likely than teen boys to eat and drink behind the wheel.

-Boys were likely to turn around in the vehicle and speak with individuals who were on the outside of the vehicle.

With these findings, parents are urged to talk with the teen drivers in their lives about proper road safety. Safety should be a top concern and frequent conversation in the household should be a priority. Talking with your teen driver could potentially help to save their life. Teaching young drivers good habits early on will help to pave the way for safe driving habits for a lifetime.

If you or the teen driver in your life has been involved in a car accident in Montgomery or elsewhere throughout the state of Alabama, contact the personal injury attorneys at Allred & Allred P.C. to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Call 334.396.9200 to speak with an experienced car accident attorney today.

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