Alabama Child Safety: Check Your Car Seat this Week

Buckle up your child. Every car ride. It could save their life.

State and federal safety advocates are sponsoring Child Passenger Safety Week this week, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Officials with the NHTSA recently joined forces with Safe Kids in an effort to get more parents to properly buckle their kids into car seats during every car ride. According to recent studies, parents and guardians are making very common mistakes in using car seats. These surveys also noted that about 20 percent of parents fail to even pick up the instruction manual.Montgomery injury lawyers understand that car accidents continue to be the leading cause of death for kids under the age of 12 in the U.S. The most effective way to protect them in the event of an accident is to put them in the right child car seat and to use it the right way. To take it a step further, we’re asking parents to visit one of the Child Car Seat Inspection Locations in Alabama to double check that their seats are being used correctly and that their children are buckled in the right way.

“The key to keeping kids safe is to make sure your child is in the right seat for their age and size – and to make sure that the seat is correctly installed in your vehicle,” said U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Ray LaHood.

According to a new survey from the NHTSA, there are five serious mistakes that parents are making when buckling in kids.

Car Seat Mistakes:

-Parents are oftentimes using the wrong harness slots when installing these seats.

-Parents are not placing the chest clip properly over their child or they’re not using the clip at all.

-Parents are installing these seats too loosely. They shouldn’t be able to move more than an inch when properly buckled.

-Parents are leaving the harness too loose and are allowing too much slack between the child and the harness strap. There should be absolutely no slack when properly buckled.

-Parents are placing the seat belt improperly over the child. It should always rest over the stomach and never over the face or the neck.

Alarmingly enough, although 20 percent of drivers don’t read the instruction manual and don’t properly install these seats, about 90 percent of parents say that they’re “very confident” in their ability to do so the right way. This is no time to take chances! Make sure that your child is properly buckled in the correct seat during each and every car ride. They can’t do it themselves and they must rely on your good judgment to help keep them safe on the road!

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