Bumbo Seat Could Cause Child Injury in Alabama

A popular child’s play seat is coming under fire by safety advocates, who say it does not stand up to the minimum standards needed to prevent child injury in Alabama.

It’s called the Bumbo Baby Sitter, though parents should take heed that the seat should never be used while the child is unattended.While there hasn’t been an official recall of the seat since 2007, a number of media outlets are reporting that the seats have been known to have involvement in a number of skull fractures in small children.

Our Birmingham personal injury attorneys know that five years ago, the child seat was recalled because there was no warning label telling parents not to use the seats on a raised surface.

Still, even after a warning was printed on the side of the seats, injuries continue to happen – sometimes with parents seated right next to their small children.

The Bumbo seats are made by Bumbo International, a company based in South Africa. Bumbo maintains that the chairs are safe when used the way they are intended.

There have been more than 50 reports to the Consumer Products Safety Commission of infants who fell out of the Bumbo seat even when the chair was on the floor. One of those infants suffered a concussion, and two had skull fractures.

All total, at least 17 infants have fallen victim to serious head injuries while being seated in the Bumbo. Of those, 14 occurred in seats that had the new warning label printed.

For those who may not have seen these seats, they a popular item on baby gift registries. According to Injuries still occur after Bumbo baby seat recall, By Michael Finney, ABC-7 San Francisco

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