Blinkers: Preventing Car Accidents in Montgomery and Elsewhere

Safe driving advocates are now looking at another dangerous driving habit. It’s not what drivers are doing behind the wheel, but what they’re not doing. We’re talking about blinkers. According to MSNBC, there are about 2 million accidents that happen every year because drivers neglect to use a blinker.According to a recent study from the Society of Automotive Engineers, drivers fail to use their turn signals more than 45 percent of the time when changing lanes and another 25 percent when making turns. That means drivers are failing to use their turn signals about 2 billion times a day, or about 800 billion times every year. That’s a lot of unannounced turns and a lot of car accidents in Montgomery and elsewhere.

Our Montgomery accident lawyers understand the risks account for twice as many car accidents as distracted driving. The fact of the matter is that the use of a blinker is a roadway law, just like stopping at red lights. Still, drivers aren’t taking it seriously. It could be for a number of reasons, but safe driving advocates are blaming it on the lack of enforcement. They say that law enforcement officials are too busy scanning our roadways for other dangerous behaviors — so they oftentimes overlook drivers who fail to use a blinker.

“This is a first of its kind report on a subject that amazingly, has never been studied,” said Richard Ponziani, P.E., an author of the report.

It’s been proven. Blinkers are some of most simple and effective ways to help to prevent roadway accidents. Still, there’s an alarming lack of compliance with the things though. All drivers have a responsibility to use them, just as they do to stop at a stop sign.

Researchers say that they have a solution though! It’s called the “Smart Turn Signal” and it works much like the new-age seat belt reminder works. It steps in when the driver does not. With seat belt warnings, the vehicle beeps to alert the driver that their seat belt is not on. With the seat belt warning, drivers are alerted when passengers in the vehicle aren’t wearing a seat belt. The “Smart Turn Signal” would work in a similar way. It would beep if the driver’s blinker has been left on or if it isn’t being used when it’s supposed to. The study refers to it as a “friendly reminder.”

Researchers even say that this option would actually be easier to use and it would cost less money than the current mechanical trip mechanism that’s used in vehicles. According to Ponziani, this is the most effective ways to help to prevent multiple-vehicle accidents and to get drivers to use their blinkers again!

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