Law Enforcement in Full Force this Memorial Day Weekend to Decrease Risks of Fatal Car Accidents in Alabama and Elsewhere

Recent estimates, from the National Safety Council (NSC), reveal that there are more than 400 traffic fatalities expected to occur over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

These estimates also predict that there will be more than 39,400 injuries that require medical attention. This weekend serves as the traditional summer kick-off weekend and brings out the most careless habits of drivers, which often results in an increased number of car accidents in Alabama.For record keeping purposes, the official holiday weekend begins at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and concludes ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday.

Our Alabama car accident attorneys urge residents to practice defensive driving skills over this holiday weekend and to make smart decision behind the wheel. One of these decisions should be to wear your seat belt as they can help to save your life if involved in a motor vehicle accident. The NSC estimates that more than 300 people may survive the holiday weekend because they will be wearing seat belts during an accident. They also estimate that another 103 lives could be saved if everyone were to wear their safety belts over the celebratory weekend.

In an effort to increase the use of seat belts in motor vehicle occupants, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started running its “Click It or Ticket” campaign on May 23 and they will continue to run it through June 5. The nationwide “Click It or Ticket” campaign has been proven to be the most successful seat belt enforcement campaign ever as it has been able to contribute to the highest national safety belt usage rate. It has increased the usage rate to nearly 90 percent. Law enforcement agencies will be out in full force enforcing a zero-tolerance enforcement of seat belt laws nationwide throughout the campaign.

The Memorial Day holiday weekend typically sees an increase in traffic fatalities of more than 12 percent compared to similar non-holiday periods.

The NSC offers these safety tips to motorists to help ensure a safe Memorial Day holiday weekend on our roadways:

-Put away all distractions while operating a motor vehicle.

-Make sure that all of your passengers are buckled up and that all children are in the appropriate child safety seats.

-Leave the house with plenty of time and with a plan. This will help you with having a calm ride, avoiding acts of frustration.

-Drive defensively and adjust to all weather conditions.

-Be sure to be well-rested before setting out on a weekend trip.

-Do not drink and drive. Driving while under the influence will greatly impair our reactions and judgment abilities.

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