Alabama Work Zones and Summer Risks for Traffic Accidents

There were nearly 3,000 car accidents in highway work zones in the state of Alabama in 2010. In these accidents, there were nearly 850 injured and more than 20 killed. These numbers were significantly higher than the previous year. What’s most alarming about these accidents is that most all of them are completely preventable. Car accidents in work zones are most commonly the result of speeders, distracted drivers and drunk drivers.”Most work zone crashes can be avoided if drivers slow down, pay attention and don’t drive while impaired,” says John R. Cooper, director of the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT).

Our Montgomery car accident lawyers understand that the summer season is prime-time work season for road construction. Crews take advantage of the clear, warm weather and work to help to make roads safer for travelers. The problem is that drivers aren’t doing their job to help to make these construction zones safe for everyone.

Experienced drivers may feel lulled into a false sense of security when driving through road-construction zones. The truth of the matter is that serious and fatal traffic accidents are common in construction zones.

“Always be aware and alert that the situation could change at any time with construction equipment or construction workers,” ALDOT Spokesperson Rebecca White said.

To help to keep everyone safe through Alabama’s work zones, officials with ALDOT offer you the following safe driving tips for road construction areas:

-Always obey road flaggers. They’re there to help you to navigate your way through a work zone as safely and as efficiently as possible. Flaggers know what is best for moving traffic safely and have the same authority as a sign. You can be cited for disobeying their directions.

-Stay alert at the wheel and minimize distractions. Keep your hands off the radio, stay off your phone and avoid other distractions during this time.

-Stay up with traffic flow. Don’t slow down to “gawk” at road work equipment and crews.

-Plan accordingly. Schedule yourself enough time to deal with the delays of work zones.

-Stat calm. Work zones aren’t there to inconvenience you. They’re there to help to make traveling safer and more efficient for you.

-Always expect the unexpected. These aren’t normal driving conditions. Be ready to react. Look out for dangers from roadside workers, roadside equipment, other motorists and even bicyclists and pedestrians.

-Avoid changing lanes in work zones. Get in the lane that you need to be in as soon as possible, before you enter into the work zone.

Alabama AGC is working to get companies and resident drivers to make a pledge and commit to participate in a Safety Stand Down. This pledge is to help to get drivers to be more aware and cautious through our state’s work zones.

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