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June 28, 2010

The Risks Involved In Tissue Implantation

The human tissue trade is a multi-million dollar per year industry in which a single human body yields enough tissue for the tissue brokers to pocket $250,000. While many skilled doctors throughout the world perform miracles with the tissue obtained from these brokers, the dark side of the human tissue trade has recently come to light.

There is little oversight from the Food and Drug Administration ("FDA"), which only requires that the person harvesting the tissue "register" with the FDA. No testing for qualifications nor the knowledge or resources to properly screen the tissue is required. Over the last several years, this lax oversight by the federal government has permitted a few opportunistic and unscrupulous tissue brokers to pass along tissue that did not meet FDA requirements and was not fit for implantation. This was documented in the CNBC special "How Much Is Your Dead Body Worth?"

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